Partisanship: Thinking as a Non-Thinking Herd

It betrays me to say that I don’t typically like clubs. Clubs in the other sense rather than the sense in which one refers to “clubbing”. I believe this dislike arises from my experience in group identity becoming a gossip game in which I would ignore some people and listen to others, all the time defending my own brittle clique regardless of it’s actions. The Mayor of my town is an elder of a Presbyterian church that I used to go to (I still stand as a member) . I also had a physical trainer who happened to know a bit about this elder/mayor figure. This physical trainer was involved in town affairs and attended each town meeting. During one of these meetings it was noted by my trainer that the Mayor said very inappropriate things during this documented but unbridled public forum. The Mayor said some insensitive things and also made a false accusation of this man during this meeting. I remember the timidity with which I began friendly conversation with my trainer for weeks because of my affiliation with the Mayor which overshadowed what I held to be true. In the same way, I find it impossible to have rational discussion when all involved are merely speaking for their herd.  Democrat and Republican and all other parties (herds)- these distinctions should not be made. It is not acceptable for the representers of America to assemble as a mob.


Fuck the NSA.

People encrypt files such as email and instant messages if they don’t want big corporations, hackers, scammers, and other people seeing their personal messages illegally. And oh yeah, the NSA too. I looked into email encryption and found out that it only works with people who have encrypted email, and is a painstaking process. It is grossly unjust that I have to go through such bullshit so that I can have a fucking chance at having a smidgen of privacy. I understand hackers and people like that. They get punished when caught. The NSA intercepts and fingers through a billion (literally) of US citizens’ full-length phone calls and texts as well as reads millions or more emails and instant messages in a month’s time, and when found out, gets a fucking slap on the wrist, and off they go back into their disgusting corner. One hacker could get jail time.The NSA does it on a national scale on American Citizens and doesn’t get any type of punishment? Think about this one: The US Government fucks up again and again, gets caught red-handed breaking laws and trampling over people’s rights and even blatantly killing innocent people over and over and over and nothing- nothing- happens. Hits the press, gets fussed about in public, and goes to some white-haired shit heads in Washington who did it in the first place. No punishment is enacted- ever- unless it is money given to a citizen (who paid the taxes merely get them back merely to pay them again later). The US Government has become the biggest Mafia in the history of modern civilization, and it is “legal”, meaning unpunished and unchecked. The NSA is a quintessential example of how you are butt raped and used daily without consent by the people who’s only job is to protect you and maintain basic peace. Fuck them.

Convenience Stores and Fat People.

More frequently than not life mirrors a common experience at a convenience store. The particular experiences where you spend more money on junk food than on gas, you know. You purchase your road trip goodies and huff them down, and as you finish licking your fingers clean of sugar and chocolate you suddenly reflect that you’re not out of the parking lot yet. Soon you find that your two dollar pleasure cruises cost more than you realized after your ass is fat and your wallet it thin.

Convenience store living is a reality, and that reality is incarnated when you bend over and your stomach blocks you from tying your shoes. That’s a problem. Dieting won’t help and refusing to go to the convenience store doesn’t either because there are other stores to help you fulfill that said reality. The solution is a refusal of immediate pleasure in most all it’s forms. Sex being one exception. And contrary to schoolboy fantasy, even sex requires a considerable amount of investment. If John Doe can pay a dollar or two to satisfy his hunger you probably shouldn’t follow his example. This is to be read metaphorically in the broadest sense. What I’m talking about is a resistance to do anything without work and care and skill and thought.

He who suggests that you must live at the convenience store because “you only live once” has never lived. His life amounts to the sum total of convenience stores his taste buds have benefited from. He will be forgotten because he has lived at the convenience store, where everyone is busying themselves, searching out prepackaged foods to satisfy the insatiable desire that nags them as they awake and before they lay their heavy heads to rest. If you will live only once, I implore you to pass over living it at some shack where everything is handed to you premade, precooked, and stuffed with side effects that lead to an unhappy and bloated end.