Stupid of the month

This month I highlight the stupid of the month:

The American People.

If you are surprised you shouldn’t be. For me to say something this scathing is justified and I will justify it now. Stay with me.

The average American doesn’t know the Constitution of the United States. He doesn’t know his individual rights. He doesn’t understand what makes the economy work. He doesn’t take advantage of his right to free speech. The average American is happy to let someone else who is “more understanding” do his charity work and thinking for him. He has slowly given and is still progressively giving the responsibility for his society’s health to Big Brother. With responsibility comes power.

We have allowed Big Brother to be the expert when he is merely to be a protector from outsiders and a keeper of peace among the people- his employer. “Keeper of the peace”, meaning that he is to keep us from killing each other and penalizing those who harm others. That is it. There are over two million prisoners incarcerated in the US currently. Over sixty percent of those are incarcerated for crimes concerning drugs or immigration. Almost thirty percent of those incarcerated in relation to drugs are convicted of a marijuana-escque crime. If you do the math you find that roughly 880,000 prisoners would be imprisoned after a release of those with drug and immigration-related crimes.

I shouldn’t have to point out the obvious win-win we have here. You can smoke pot if you want and come to a country with freedom and pay less taxes. Over all you pay less money to Big Brother, tie him back up to his paid responsibilities, and gain individual power. But the average American doesn’t think this is a good idea. Mainly because he has a screwed up conception of who has the responsibility and the right and the power and the mind to make the world a better place.


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