Godly Politician

Remarkable the things that come into fuller light while shaving. It was a startling “aha” that made me cut myself in the neck with my razor. An “aha” that I made myself. It hasn’t taken me long, and with no serious doubt has it taken anyone who’s learned with a master’s or doctorate’s degree from a prestigious college, to understand that Christian theism, and specifically Christianity, is flawed and untruthful. This is understood amongst many Americans, and especially those of high education. The “aha” comes when one realizes just how many politicians plow the fields of campaigns and policies using the Christian God. It shows to be a ripe example of the deceptive temperament of most all politicians. The majority of our founding fathers didn’t believe in a theistic deity, and there is more evidence against this belief now than ever. Politicians invoke and refer to “God” in their speeches and promises even though a majority, I’m willing to bet, have no personal belief in such an entity. If you lie on this issue you’re as close to horse shit as humans get. Confusion is acceptable but never dishonesty. When the politician uses god or christianity as support for his ideas or policies, I challenge his character and credibility, as well as his policies or ideas.


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