Circumventing the Confederate Controversy

Concerning the confederate flag in the Capitol of South Carolina: I don’t think it would matter if it flew or not. People certainly think it matters, and if it does matter that’s the only reason why. One must always make the distinction between what truly matters and what idiots try to piggyback into what matters. I will circumvent this whole game and say that it is childish. Nine people died at the hands of a young man who thought that race was real, and that a certain race was taking over the world. The dirty bastard didn’t need a flag to tell him what he should and shouldn’t do.

The flag is a symbol in the Deep South used by racists and non racists, just as the Bible has been used by radicals and non radicals, and science has been used to create weapons of mass distruction and medicine. The ties of racism to the confederate flag are undeniable; as are the ties of genocide to science. Blaming science or the flag for people’s stupid actions is, I hope, self evidently ridiculous. The bleak conclusion is that if a person will murder, he will murder, and if he will be racist, he will be racist.

Stirring controversy about the damn flag creates more confusion, and also promotes “distinct racial recognition”, which is a childish myth. There is one race- the human race. Let us focus on that truth, and let us strive for peace.


5 thoughts on “Circumventing the Confederate Controversy

  1. Flags don’t fly because they don’t matter. They fly because someone thinks it does, and cares about it enough to hoist them in the first place. To dismiss concerns about those flags as irrelevant while passing on the reasoning for flying them in the first place is more than a little disingenuous.


    • The confederate flag represents many things other than racism, though it’s historical significance is tied to it. The confererate flag represents the confederate states and the south as a whole- not racism. I wasn’t being disingenuous, and neither were the people who kept the confederate flag at full mast. The Declaration of Independence wasn’t treated as something the American people should have been ashamed of because of this atrocity, though, predominately, it’s authors owned and enslaved human beings. Once again I state my point: the flag has nothing to do with the events that occured in the terrible tragedy, and therefore, shouldn’t be added to the universe of problems created because of this tragedy, both emotional and societal.


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