Weezer, Voids, and Worlds Left Behind.

“The world has turned and left me here
Just where I was before you appeared
And in your place an empty space
Has filled the void behind my face”

When something leaves it never goes unnoticed unless it left because there was no room for it to stay. If something takes up a large space in your heart and suddenly leaves you notice it. But what do you do when you have a life long and all-encompassing world view stripped away at the most pivotal point in your life? That is my situation. My world has turned and left me, leaving me with an empty space, a void behind my face.

Christianity has found a way in the past two millennia to slip through the cracks of reason and sink into the fabric of the social and philosophic thought of western culture. It has been the starting point, the foundation of thought, for some of the greatest thinkers ever. Not all, of course, but many.

Christianity provides answers for those little spots on your philosophic wall that need caulking. Without Christianity you have to come up with those answers yourself. You have to find a reason for morality. You have to find a reason to live- to really live. If you don’t want to work to find this reason just become a Christian. It will supply all of that for you. But, what comes along with the quick and assuring answers to these fundamental questions will place lawful demands on what you can think and feel, forcing you to think in a specific rubric based on the fear of punishment. This is not liberty. This is not thought

Almost in tears a few months ago, I had to look deeper than I’ve ever looked to find a reason for reason, a basis for action, a basis for thought. I am an atheist, so I have to rationally consider what I think is a true age and origin of the earth, for example. I can’t appeal to an unquestionable authority like before. I also can’t ask an all-knowing person how it happened because there isn’t one. In this veil of tears the only ones who cry are people. In this world of thought only people think. We don’t have a mind in the sky to consult. “Do you know where the original substances that started the big bang came from?” No. Happy? I’ve struggled with this for some time because I’ve criticized this attitude all my life and had found iit dreadful. My only response is that I want to know; but I also know that if one uses the wrong methods to understand things (not following basic fundamentals of sensible thought) their conclusions are all but guaranteed to be wrong.

Moving into the void I have to bring my own blanket because it’s cold. Without other bodies to snuggle up to you can get quite miserable out here. So, I’ll build a strong fire and watch people flock towards it. That’s all it takes, really. If it’s cold, build a fire and people will come. If people are looking for truth, provide thought, and people will come. My only request to newcomers is that they eventually grab a log and throw one in there. If they don’t, I will. I will be doing it regularly anyway.


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