Transgender Rape and Long Articles Saying Nothing

I glanced at the NY Times yesterday to find a close up of a badly scarred black man on the front page. “Prison Rape” caught my eye. I read all I could on the front page and needed to head to my home an hour away having just finished work. So I waited till this morning to read the paper. I opened it to A-14 to find that the story covered the whole page and half the other one. A whole damn page and a half. I understand this is an issue but my God. Ms. Star isn’t the only one to have been treated this way. There have been countless prisoners treated worse by both inmates and rent-a-pigs. Haven’t you seen Shawshank Redemption?

Something tells me- I’m not sure, I’m just sniffing around of course- that if you act like a chick long enough in front of sexually repressed men who obtain no self control you may run into difficulties. What does this person expect us to do? Do we need a completely separate prison for transgender people too? Maybe if there was less of a pity party in the paper I would be more sympathetic. But there isn’t so I’m not. Maybe I’ll bring her a puppy. My issue is something a little different. I’ve been trying to find out what she’s in for but haven’t found it yet. Nonetheless the article mentions that Texas has more than a billion-dollar budget for their correctional facilities. This is grossly unbalanced. No one state should need that.

Think about this. This is simplistic and I understand this but take it with a grain of salt: depenalize everything but murder and theft and treason and basic violence and prisons would drain out of their walls. The budget for state and county jails and prisons reduces dramatically and the police force doesn’t need as much money and man power because there’s less to arrest people off of. If the prisons are smaller per state they’re easier to maintain and keep safe. Newspapers like the NYT’s like to cry foul about issues like this but don’t hardly see the root of the problem. Frankly, people will always rape each other. But the less people to monitor the more likely the chances of a woman like Ms. Star are for being safe. And depending on her conviction in my scenario she may not even be in prison in the first place.

Sympathy doesn’t replace action. Protest doesn’t replace thought.


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