I’d like to eat my peas in privacy please.

“In fact, after more than a decade of massive government surveillance, the extent of which was not fully known until the leaks from Mr. Snowden, the N.S.A. now finds itself having to justify it’s programs to the White House and the American people.”

-“Familiar Swing to Security Over Privacy After Attacks in France”, New York Times, May 7th*.

France is apparently laying down her only true rite to security by giving up her privacy. An indispensable aspect of the right of free speech is the right of “free silence”. “You have the right to remain silent”. And shocking as this is, the NYT had this article entitled “French Opt for More Security” on the front page of it’s May 7th print newspaper. What ever do you think they are implying? Obviously the writers wanted to convey the idea that you get more security as your forfeit privacy. Which is a very stupid idea. Extremely stupid.

Normally I get angry at situations like the one I just described. But my focus of anger today will be on the actual events recorded and not merely the recorder’s recording. “The NSA now has to justify it’s programs”? There shouldn’t have been a “now”. It should have been a prerequisite and lawful requirement that they “justify” everything they do. Give a man an apple and I won’t ask him to justify his motives and future plans of doing whatever he will do with the apple. Give the same man a title and a gun and a phone with contacts to anywhere in the world for any service and one of the greatest militias in history and a little device with which he can read my texts from his home office and I will damn well ask him to justify his every move however slight or great.

The NSA is secretive beyond right. It is my right as the employer of the government to have a full and detailed explanation for every single thing they do. Taxes are the means by which I employ the government. And taxes are nothing magical. Taxes is money and money is exchanged between civilized people of a common ground for a service or for material. A person who forces money from your hands has a name and his name is a criminal. The only way for us to know if the government and appendixes of the government are doing what we employed them to do and therefore not thieving our time and money is for them to be thoroughly detailed in describing how and why and what they do and when they do it. That the government can withhold any information from Americans “lawfully” is angering. It is evil.

And as you walk another step down the hall of corruption you will feel these “people” breathing lightly and silently on your shoulder, peering at the screen of your phone. Big brother is everywhere, and big brother is watching you.

* http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/07/world/europe/france-expanded-surveillance-charlie-hebdo.html?_r=0


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