The Violence of Knowledge

Malala’s courage is a kind that reaches beyond and stretches the normal limits of the word. She provides a fleshly image of the privilege of free speech and open education. I can say much more, but I would rather than repeat what most people have said, re-asses some things, using this subject as a spring board of sorts.

During a public talk between the “four horsemen of atheism” (post-Hitch), it was loosely conceded that most people unconsciously use the idea of “tolerance” to deal with fear. Many people use “tolerance” as an excuse to overlook the issues revolving around Islam and it’s radicalists, such as the Jihad and Taliban, because people are truly afraid of them. Many liberals refuse to criticize Islam and it’s principles because they “don’t want to be intolerant”. Tolerance is good. Tolerating open and public murder isn’t good, regardless of the excuse- whether supernatural or natural. It goes without saying that some type of physical action must be taken to address this, in order to circumvent future attacks and the prolonging of violence, but not often is the source of the issue addressed. The method to the madness. The underlying beliefs of individuals will largely dictate their actions in the future, and these values and underlying beliefs must be addressed. Through the connection and communication of honest and diligent individuals truth spreads. Solutions spread. What about people who are barred from knowledge because of their hostile environment? These people deserve knowledge, but knowledge is always dangerous. Malala’s life is a testimony to the truth of that statement.

Malala’s story demonstrates what it takes for people to be relieved from oppression. It takes persons to contribute, however insignificant they feel their contribution is. It takes persons willing to be harmed by the “bad” people for the sake of the innocent and oppressed.


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