The Ride is Everything

The Joker (as played by the late Heath Ledger) drove a school bus in his notorious heist of a bank in Gotham City in “Batman: The Dark Knight”. The bus is used as a camouflage in order to avert the authorities. The scene in a way emphasizes the drive- the vehicle- to the crime almost as much as the crime itself. The choice of vehicle in the robbery is actually a vital component to it’s success. The heist would probably have fell through had not the bus been used. So maybe the vehicle is┬ájust as important as the destination.

My colleague and myself drove a beat up bread van to our job site today. I have to say that it was exhilarating. It felt adventurous to be in a bench seat without a buckle surrounded by clanging tools behind the sound of a four speed engine clogging it’s way through it’s gears from each stop to each start. The van swayed like a boat making the experience even more sketchy making it feel more adventurous. We approached the bridge taking us from Yulee into Amelia Island and the sun shone directly in our faces half way hidden by separate walls of clouds that hung directly above the tree’s horizon. What a beautiful sight. At that moment I realized that the journey to achieving a goal is more rewarding than the goal itself.

I’ve never worked outside in a full time job and certainly haven’t worked construction more than once or twice and in the past two weeks I’ve been physically taxed more than in any other job. I’m learning things about houses that I never knew but had taken for granted and think I know a little more about the All-American-backwoods-construction-worker now that I’ve worked with them every day for two weeks. The point of taking this job was for the money. A steady job for a young man with no experience. But the job for me now is a vehicle. It is my vehicle to learning and answering questions that I have about life and people and even ground-up economics. This vehicle also helps fill my mind with new questions. Questions. Questions. The money is good- essential- yes. But you can always make money somehow. You can gain it quickly depending on how you work and where. But time is something you won’t get back. You will never get the ride back. The ride is what I write for. The ride is what I live for. The ride is everything.


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